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You WILL need a holster in order to conceal carry. These are some holsters that we HIGHLY recommend.

We are also sharing the links to some of the laws that you'll need to know.

Crossbreed Holsters

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We The People Holsters

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NYS Penal Code Article §35.15 -2a
Use of Force

Article 35.15

2. A person may not use deadly physical force upon another person
under circumstances specified in subdivision one unless:

2a - "The actor reasonably believes that such other person is using or about to use deadly physical force. Even in such case, however, the actor may not use deadly physical force if he or she knows that with complete personal safety, to oneself and others he or she may avoid the necessity of so doing by retreating;".....

NYS Penal Code
 Safe Storage

Article 265.45

.... 3. For purposes of this section "safe storage depository" shall mean a
safe or other secure container which, when locked, is incapable of being
opened without the key, keypad, combination or other unlocking mechanism and is capable of preventing an unauthorized person from obtaining
access to and possession of the weapon contained therein and shall be
fire, impact, and tamper resistant. Nothing in this section shall be
deemed to affect, impair or supersede any special or local act relating
to the safe storage of rifles, shotguns or firearms which impose additional requirements on the owner or custodian of such weapons. For the purposes of subdivision two of this section, a glove compartment or glove box shall not be considered an appropriate safe storage

NYS Genl Business Law 
§ 898
Private sale or disposal of firearms, rifles & shotguns

§ 898 Private sale or disposal of firearms, rifles and shotguns. 

1.In addition to any other requirements pursuant to state and federal law, all sales, exchanges or disposals of firearms, rifles or shotguns shall be conducted in accordance with this section unless such sale, exchange or disposal is conducted by a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer or licensed dealer, as those terms are defined in 18 USC § 922, when such sale, exchange or disposal is conducted pursuant to that person's federal firearms license or such sale, exchange or disposal is between members of an immediate family. When a sale, exchange or disposal is conducted pursuant to a person's federal firearms license, before delivering a firearm, rifle or shotgun to any person, either (a) the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) or its successor has issued a "proceed" response to the federal firearms licensee, or (b) thirty calendar days shall have elapsed since the date the federal firearms licensee contacted NICS to initiate a national instant criminal background check and NICS has not notified the federal firearms licensee that the transfer of the firearm, rifle or shotgun to such person should be denied.

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